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March 29, 2020


How to know which size is best for you when shopping online   Here at Subject II Change, we can customize any size or length you […]
April 9, 2020


Bring back that shine onto your pieces   I get asked this question all the time and here are our secret tips and tricks to truly […]
July 20, 2020


  What makes turquoise so special?   Turquoise is a timeless gemstone that ages beautifully in its style. We love this gemstone so much that over […]


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We are trying something different this time around. Catch us at the @vancouveretsyco Maker Supply market where we will be selling jewellery supply, craft supply, prototype pieces and raw crystals for up to 50% off. Nothing can be priced over $50 and we will have limited stock supply.
This is 38!
Another year around the sun ☀️ 
And SUbject II change is 14 years old this month as well. Thank you to everyone for your continued support, love and energy ❤️
Oh and we are doing our birthday flash sale as well. Enjoy 38% off online 
Use code: HAPPY
Some of you know me as AJ and others know me as AJ the medium. Yes that’s right a MEDIUM. Now before you start to freak out thinking I can read minds and stuff. Just know that this gift is very all over the place. Sometimes I can connect with past energies and sometimes I can connect with present and future energies.  With that being said it also means I can get energetically drained which causes me to “hide out” and not want to post and be so public with my life. Hence why you haven’t seen the behind the scenes or just me posting all the time. But I am still here doing what I love making jewellery and now I have another huge show coming up where I can actually see you in person ( link in bio for tickets to @makeitshow).  The reason I choose this reel to share about myself is because certain people can come into your life and help show you how amazing you can be so big thank you to those humans for allowing me to be myself, capturing my true energy and for having a blast at the Beyoncé concert 💕
That’s a wrap. Toronto thank you for coming out and continuing to support 🙏🏻. See you again very soon 😉
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Restocked @madeyoulookjewellery  to my Toronto people!!! Get some positive juju going until you can see me in person again ❤️