Intuitive Reading

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Intuitive Reading

Word on the street is we can be pretty intuitive sometimes. 😉

What is an intuitive reading?

As humans, our bodies and our beings always know what it is they need, it’s just that sometimes our egos and insecurities cloud our judgment and we need a little help tuning in so that we can be heard. That’s where we fit in!

An intuitive energy reading is a guided opportunity for you to clear the cobwebs of the past, address unanswered questions, seek out clarity on a particular situation in your life, and even gain new perspectives on emotional wounds that may still be healing.

It’s only fair that we tell you we’re not mystics or fortune tellers, and you won’t find any Miss Cleo’s around here, but we have been known to blow a few minds.

We’re ready when you are!

Here’s how it works:

You pay a $50.00 non-refundable fee for the consultation.

Here’s what this fee includes:

  • 1 hour meeting (either in person, via Skype or FaceTime, email conversation, phone conversation or Facebook chat).

Due to the high volume of custom orders and bookings, we can only schedule a meeting once the payment has been approved. After the payment has been accepted you will receive a confirmation email and the next available appointment dates. If for any reason you have to reschedule or cancel your initial meeting, please notify us 12 hours in advance or as soon as possible. Under such circumstances, we will honor your consultation fee for a future date. Please note, Your unused consultation fee will expire within 6 months if no meeting can be rescheduled within that period.

“I was introduced to AJ by my cousin, who spoke highly of her intuitive abilities. During our sessions, AJ provided me with positivity, light, and guidance which I have taken with me on my journey. She helped me to uncover the inner strength I needed to see through my fears and tackle the obstacles that have been in my way. I am grateful for all she has shown me, as I continue with my process. Thank you for finally bringing into focus the things that have been blurred for years.” – A
“Since my reading back in May 2017, everything AJ said has came true! I am now pregnant with twins and she mentioned 2 years – my due date is on my second year wedding anniversary. I’m speechless thank you so much!” – D