Raw Citrine Stone

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August 27, 2019
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Raw Citrine Stone
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Whether for use on your physical person, your home or workspace, it’s always great to add a little crystal power to what it is you do!

Citrine:  a joyful stone with bright energy, which lights up many aspects of lives of those who work with it. It has energies of good fortune and good luck, though these may appear in unexpected ways. Know as wealth or abundance stone. Citrine is well known in crystal work as a success and prosperity stone to the point that it is called the “Success Stone.” It is particularly used to promote success in business if used in the cash box of a shop, carried or worn, earning it another nickname, “Merchant’s Stone.” In addition to manifesting abundance, citrine also brings energies of generosity so that the prosperity and success is shared. Purifies other crystals and stones. Increases self-confidence desire and creativity. Strengthens intellect and memory. Provides energy, stimulates kidneys, liver and muscles. Good for digestion.


Average stone sizing is: 1″ –  1.25″ (length)  x 1.25″ – 1.75″ (width)

Note: Due to the natural nature of these stones, no two stones are ever a like. To us, this is what makes these pieces unique and different. Please be advised that you might not receive the same stones as featured in the pictures.