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November 5, 2019
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Raw Lepidolite Stone
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Whether for use on your physical person, your home or workspace, it’s always great to add a little crystal power to what it is you do!

Lepidolite: is  a stone of calm, trust, and acceptance. It has a strong relaxing, balancing and calming effect. It brings hope in dark times by lending a sense of balance and calm. Lepidolite is a stone of transformation in that it helps one get through transitions with trust that everything will ultimately turn out for the best. It engenders and enhances self-love, patience, and optimism. Psychically, lepidolite is used for dreamwork, rebirthing, and is also good for dream recall.  It softens the impact of this kind of gnosis so that the information can be recalled calmly. Lepidolite is also a protective stone that brings success in business or career. It can also bring a growing energy to gardening and agriculture.


Average stone sizing is: 2.25″ – 3″(length)  x 2.25″ – 3.5″ (width)

Note: Due to the natural nature of these stones, no two stones are ever a like. To us, this is what makes these pieces unique and different. Please be advised that you might not receive the same stones as featured in the pictures.